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Knowledge of Routine Maintenance for Laptop

Steps to Clean the Laptop Cpu Fan:
1. Shut down the computer.
2. Unplug the power source and remove the battery.
3. Begin by removing the RAM cover. This is often located near the battery and is held in place with screws. If you are unsure of where it is located on your computer, consult your owner’s manual.
4. Remove the screws and place them in a plastic bag.
5. Label the plastic bag with a marker so you will know which screws go where when it’s time to put everything back.
6. Once all the screws are removed, carefully open the cover. Lift it gently. If it does not open, check for any missed screws. Do NOT force it open.
7. Set the cover off to the side with the bag of screws.
8. Next, remove the screws to the fan.
9. Again, place them in a plastic bag and label it appropriately.
10. Find your fan and use the cotton balls and cotton swabs to very carefully wipe any dirt, dust or debris from the fan blades. A clean, soft paintbrush also works well to wipe away dust and dirt build-up.
11. Use compressed air to dislodge any fiber particles. Simply point the nozzle at the dust filled area and release the air.
12. Turn the laptop over to allow any loose debris to fall out.
13. Once all of the dirt and dust is removed, replace the screws in the fan.
14. Return the RAM cover and replace all of the removed screws.